Herbacin Foot Care Foot Cream

May 20, 2020

Camomile isn’t just for tea! Our friends at Herbacin have a Foot Cream that takes advantage of the soothing and healing powers of the camomile flower. They have taken the natural oils from the camomile plant and combined them with sweet almond oil, avocado, carnosine, and vitamin E to help regenerate, strengthen, and increase the […]

Kreyol Essence Haitian Mango Lori’s Dream Body Set

May 19, 2020

The liquid gold of the Caribbean! Specifically, it’s the Haitian Black Castor Oil that’s the secret (well, maybe not so secret!) ingredient in the Kreyol Essence products. The Haitian Mango Lori’s Dream Body Set includes Haitian Black Castor Oil in Mango, Papaya, and Coconut, plus a Body Wash and a Cleansing Soap Bar both in […]

Unsun Mineral Tinted Sunscreen

May 18, 2020

Here comes the sun! So it’s time to be especially vigilant about protecting your skin, and our friends at Unsun have an award winning Mineral Tinted Sunscreen that will have you covered (hee hee, pun intended!). You’ll recall that mineral-based sunscreens provide a physical barrier to block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays from […]

Rugged Beauty Nail Polish

May 14, 2020

Every TrailblazerGirl needs a little glamour in her life, and what better way to do this than to brush a little color on her nails. Yes, we’ve found a nail polish that this designed for us active ladies! Our friends at Rugged Beauty offer nail polish in cool square bottles in a plethora of colors […]

Better Natured Products

May 13, 2020

Let’s have some Good. Clean. Fun. with Better Natured haircare products! Better Natured promises that there are no secret ingredients. Just clean formulas that are clearly labeled noting ingredients that are 86% to 99% naturally-derived with the minimum amount (1% to 14%) of synthetic ingredients to ensure stability in texture, fragrance, and performance. You won’t find any […]

LOLI Products

May 11, 2020

The ingredients read almost like offerings from a fancy restaurant menu…but they are actually key ingredients in some of the skincare products from our friends at LOLI! Chamomile, lavender, matcha, papaya, apricot oil, and coconut milk are just some of the responsibly sourced, food grade ingredients found in the LOLI Chamomile Lavender Water, Matcha Coconut […]

Mindful Mixtures The Sporting Life

May 6, 2020

Harnessing the power of plants! Our friends at Mindful Mixtures take botanicals and formulate products that treat pain and inflammation, promote sleep, boost mood and are great tools for relaxation. The Sporting Life is a must-have dynamic duo for all your TrailblazerGirl aches and pains. Ache is a convenient roll-on oil that blends arnica, frankincense […]

Thistle Farms Natural Bug Spray

May 5, 2020

Keep the bugs away and support a praiseworthy cause. Thistle Farms Natural Bug Spray is so much more than just an effective natural insect repellent. Sure, the deet-free formula with organic rose geranium, spearmint, lemongrass, and peppermint oils, smells nice and will keep those pesky mosquitos and other annoying insects away, but it also is produced […]


April 30, 2020

As promised, here’s the soon-to-be-released product from our friends at LastObject…LastTissue! Cutely described as “if a Kleenex pack and a handkerchief had a baby”, each LastTissue pack contains six cloth “tissues” that can be reused over 480 times each. The tissues are made out of 100% organic cotton, and the colorful case is designed out of […]


April 30, 2020

No more single-use products! Our friends at LastObject are on a mission to create sustainable alternatives to household singe-use items so that we have a better world with less waste and less CO2 emissions from production and transportation, as well as be more thoughtful in how we spend our resources. Their first product out the door […]

Terra Ties

April 28, 2020

They’re indispensable, but we always seem to be misplacing them. We’re talking about hair ties. Yes, so handy to keep your hair off your neck as you’re doing your morning run or out of your eyes as you hike up those mountain trails. The folks at Terra Ties have a green (as in eco-friendly!) choice […]

SkinKick Renew Kick Duo

April 22, 2020

With our busy lives, we all appreciate products that do double duty. And the Renew Kick Duo from our friends at SkinKick goes beyond even that! This 2-step system consists of a Daily Exfoliant Cleanser and a Glow Renewal Serum. Both are formulated with all natural, safe, effective ingredients that are free from a whole […]

Eminence Organic Skin Care Bright Skin Targeted Dark Spot Treatment

April 20, 2020

Spots are fine on dalmatians but not so great on TrailblazerGirls! Thankfully, our friends at Eminence Organic Skin Care have a solution for us. Their Bright Skin Targeted Dark Spot Treatment is formulated with four key ingredients that help to reduce the look of dark spots: licorice root extract, punarnava, turmeric, and Gigawhite (a proprietary blend […]


April 14, 2020

Just what Rapunzel’s looking for! While you may or may not have the long tresses that Rapunzel has, you will appreciate Burlybands if you have thick, curly, long, or heavy hair. Designed out of a soft, knit material, these elastic bands are ready to hold large amounts of hair with just two or three twists. […]

Raw Love Sunscreen

April 13, 2020

Show your skin some love with Raw Love Sunscreen! From the Garden Isle of Maui, comes a lovely smelling (peppermint and lavender essential oils) sunscreen that is good for your skin as well as being good for our precious ocean life. This all natural mineral sunscreen uses certified organic ingredients and is free of those […]

HiBAR Shampoos and Conditioners

April 9, 2020

No more plastic! We know you are trying to do your part by eliminating single-use water bottles, but have you thought about the bottles in your shower? Yes, those fragrant bottles of shampoo and conditioner that keep our tresses looking presentable. Our friends at HiBAR have, and they’ve got some wonderful solid shampoos and conditioners. […]

Frank Body Body Balms

April 8, 2020

Talk about multipurpose! Use it on hands, legs, body, hair, lips, and face..that seems to cover it all! It’s the 2 Body Balms from our friends at Frank Body. This cult-beauty product from the folks down under is formulated with naturally derived coffee seed oil for perky, not-puffy skin, the mega-moisturizing coconut oil, vitamin- and fatty […]

MasqueBAR Moisture and Nourishing Hand Mask

April 1, 2020

You can crate your own home spa with a little help from our friends at MasqueBAR. With many business closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that we are washing our hands like crazy, we all deserve some at-home pampering with the Moisture and Nourishing Hand Mask. Easy to use, just place clean […]

Travel Essentials CBD Bundle

March 17, 2020

Relief is in sight! The folks at CBD Living have a Travel Essentials CBD Bundle to cover your needs. This kit is a collection of lip balm, salve, freeze, tincture, and daily lotion. The key active ingredient is CBD, or cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant. CBD Living uses a proprietary technology to process […]

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen Stick

March 16, 2020

Originally established as a company with products gentle enough for babies and children, Babo Botanicals has evolved to provide health and beauty products that are rich in clean botanical ingredients for the whole family. We reviewed their Clear Zinc Sunscreen Stick several years ago, but this super sunscreen is worth featuring again. We are big fans […]

O’Keeffe’s Night Treatment

February 24, 2020

Our friends at O’Keeffe’s are really looking out for us. Last month, we introduced you to their super effective Working Hands Hand Cream, and now they have some new products that are specifically designed to work at night. Their Night Treatment Working Hands, Healthy Feet, and Lip Repair do their magic on extremely dry, cracked skin […]

Bu Sunscreen Spray

February 20, 2020

They let you, be you. That’s the Sunscreen Sprays from our friends at Bu. Yes, that’s the same folks who brought us the fantastic sun protective clothing we introduced you to earlier today. Here’s a bit more about the company…developed in and inspired by the ultimate California, beach town, Malibu (the bu), they are all about creating […]

Kokua Sun Care Sun Healing Serum

February 4, 2020

From our friends at Kokua Sun Care, winners of one of the Top 3 Skincare Products in 2019, comes their latest product, the Sun Healing Serum. If you’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun, treat your skin to this hydrating serum. This 100% plant-based formula is filled with potent, ultra-moisturizing and skin […]

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

January 27, 2020

Say goodbye to winter dryness with the help of Working Hands! The folks at O’Keefe’s sent us a sample of their little green jar of Working Hands Hand Cream, and we’re super impressed. It’s very concentrated so just rub a small amount of this almost balm-like cream into dry, chapped spots and within a short time, […]