Take My Face Off Makeup Mitty

November 12, 2021

Currently available: $14  Visit their site to learn more

Avoid the disposables! Our friends at Take My Face Off created Makeup Mitty so you can do away with single use cotton balls and disposable makeup wipes. These next-generation washcloths¬†are made with a soft, long-lasting plush fabric that doesn’t shed, tangle, or leave little bits and pieces when you use it. On top of that, with a quick wash, either by hand or gentle machine wash, all the makeup stains disappear! ¬†Use it one of two ways. Apply cleanser directly to your face and wipe off with a damp Makeup Mitty. Or apply a few drops of cleanser to a damp Makeup Mitty, then massage around your face. The raindrop shape of this little cutie is intentional: use the top of the raindrop to take care of small areas around your eyes and lash line, then use the bottom of the raindrop to clean the rest of your face. It’s two-sided so you can avoid cross-contamination, especially when using it around your eyes. We’re absolutely smitten with the reusable Take My Face Off Makeup Mitty!