November 10, 2021

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An easier and better way to apply mascara. Shall we say, a way to GUIDE your hand…as is GUIDE BEAUTY Lash Wrap! Yes, the folks at GUIDE BEAUTY created a proprietary “comfortable-grip” applicator, an easy to hold wand with a button-like extension that steadies your hand as you apply the mascara. We found it sooo handy for those early morning applications when mascara slips ups are common. A custom formulation includes a flexible polymer technology that wraps like a tube around each lash, creating 360-degree coverage. Plus, ingredients like¬†Japanese Umibudo, moringa oil and ginger, nourish, condition and protect lashes, resulting in lush, healthy, smudge-proof lashes. Guide your way to beautiful, bulked-up lashes with the uniquely designed ¬†and formulated GUIDE BEAUTY Lash Wrap!