ATTITUDE Sensitive Natural Care Deodorants

January 24, 2022

Currently available: $10.95  Visit their site to learn more

Feel fresh naturally! Last year we introduced you to our friends at ATTITUDE, an¬†Environmental Working Group verified company with products that are free of harmful chemicals and manufactured according to the strictest standards. Now, we’d like to present their Sensitive Natural Care Deodorants, and consistent with their Body Lotions (we love their hydrating nature!), they are hypoallergenic, certified vegan, cruelty-free, and made in Canada. You’ll only find clean, natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and calming oatmeal. They are free of aluminum and baking soda, which can irritate sensitive skin. But don’t worry, they are still super effective, thanks to the magnesium hydroxide which is known for its deodorant properties. Choose from 3 pleasant, delicate scents plus an unscented formula, all available in biodegradable plastic-free packaging to reduce waste.¬†Swipe with an attitude…as long as it’s the ATTITUDE Sensitive Natural Care Deodorants!