Geologie Sun Protection Duo Pack

March 15, 2022

Currently available: $65  Visit their site to learn more

Not just for men! Though the folks at Geologie primarily specialize in providing skincare products for men, we discovered their Sun Protection Duo Pack, and we think you’ll agree that there’s no reason that the guys should have exclusivity on these fantastic products! The Duo Pack consists of the Essential Moisturizer and Essential Sunscreen. The key active ingredients found in both these products are hyaluronic acid, the ultimate hydrator and niacinamide, a powerful B-complex vitamin that boosts cell regeneration, regulates oil production, reduces spots and hyperpigmentation and tightens pores. We love their lightweight, non-greasy feel and how quickly they are absorbed, leaving our skin highly moisturized and ready to start our TrailblazerGirl adventures outdoors. The Essential Sunscreen also has broad spectrum SPF 30+ protection and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes without any ghostly white residue. The Essential Moisturizer also has squalane, an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant powerhouse that will repair your skin barrier and may even increase collagen production.¬†Protect and restore with Geology’s Sun Protection Duo Pack!