The Patch Brand Variety Pack

January 28, 2022

Currently available: $54  Visit their site to learn more

Vitamins reimagined! The Variety Pack from our friends at The Patch Brand includes everything you need to get through your day and night seamlessly. The small, 1.25 inch square patches steadily release their goodness over a 24 hour period and have the same bioavailability as comparable vitamin capsules. Start your day with the Focus Patch, infused with Ginkgo¬†Biloba and other ingredients to¬†support memory and brain health. Or perhaps you have a big day planned? Then perhaps the Energy Patch with Caffeine and Taurine or the Stress Relief Patch with Valerian Root and Passion Flower is in order. With cold and flu season in full swing, everyone could use the Immunity Patch, infused with Vitamin C and Echinacea. And end your day with a good night’s sleep with the Sleep Patch, containing melatonin and Vitamin B12. All the patches contain botanical blends with no fillers and are hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free, latex free and water resistant. A convenient thermo-ink image is stamped on each patch and after the patch is placed on the inside of your wrist, it disappears to indicate that the patch is activated. Stick to health and wellness with The Patch Brand Variety Pack!