Taos AER Citrus Vetivert Deodorant

November 9, 2021

Currently available: $21  Visit their site to learn more

No water, no waiting! Tired of waiting for your deodorant to dry? Then you need to try Taos AER Citrus Vetivert Deodorant!  Apply this novel gel-to-powder formula, and within seconds, the gel dries to a powder-like substance with no sticky residue. Yippee! Plant-based ingredients like organic tapioca, non-GMO cornstarch, and a touch of natural baking soda are combined with pure essential oils to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and absorb moisture. Formulated without water, it’s very concentrated so a small amount will do the trick, such that each standard-sized deodorant will last about four to six weeks. This is an extra strength formula with artisanal essential oils of lemon, ruby grapefruit, vetivert, and frankincense that diffuse a pleasant citrusy-spicy aroma which is activated when things heat up. The quick drying, effective Taos AER Citrus Vetivert Deodorant should be an essential part of your daily routine, especially when doing all your TrailblazerGirl activities!