Athia Bundle

November 3, 2021

Currently available: $159  Visit their site to learn more

Formulated by active women for active women. That’s Athia, and their Bundle contains a trio of excellent products to meet your daily skincare needs. Starting with the Daily Facial Cleanser, a lightweight, golden solution with key ingredients like anti-aging coconut oil and coconut water, purifying gold flakes, and mica to give your skin a temporary dewy glow. You’ll see minimal suds, but it’s super effective at cleaning the sweat, dirt, grime, and makeup away, leaving your skin fresh and radiant. Next, treat your skin with the Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer. True to its name, this cream has those powerhouse ingredients, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which are highly effective independently and even better when paired together to brighten, hydrate, boost collagen synthesis, and prevent premature skin aging. It’s absorbed quickly without any oiliness. In the evening, once or twice a week to start with, indulge your skin with the Retinol Night Cream. Just slightly heavier than their Daily Moisturizer, this Night Cream has a triple action formula designed to moisturize, protect and repair skin for the ultimate anti-aging defense. With a mission to “inspire, empower and create a community of Strong Women”, this admirable company also helps provide scholarships for young girls around the world through their partnership with She’s The First. It seems as is these products were developed with our active TrailblazerGirl lifestyle in mind, and the Athia Bundle is your skin’s secret weapon to combat dirt and aging!