Thrive Daily Defense Kit

November 17, 2021

Currently available: $35.95  Visit their site to learn more

Leave the planet better than you found it. That’s the mission of the good folks at Thrive, and their Daily Defense Kit is an ideal example of this. From their regenerative gardens in Costa Rice, they take native plants such as fierrillo, a rainforest vine that’s a powerhouse antioxidant, juanilama, an herb with antimicrobial properties, and coralillo, an anti-inflammatory and irritation-reducing agent and infuse them in their skincare products, while at the same time improving the soil and biodiversity on degraded lands and boosting the income of local farmers. These special super-plant oils power the magic in their Daily Defense Kit, consisting of their Face Wash and Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm. The Face Wash is a gel-based cleanser that foams up nicely to deep clean your skin, eliminating impurities without drying your skin. The Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm is an easily absorbed, lightweight cream that moisturizes and provides broad spectrum SPF 30 protection with non-nano zinc oxide. Both these products are bottled and packaged using recycled content and improve your skin, communities, and the planet. Go beyond sustainable with the Thrive Daily Defense Kit.