about us

TrailblazerGirl.com was started by a bunch of friends in Northern California who loved biking and hiking and climbing and camping and snorkeling and surfing and skiing and snowshoeing and picnicking and… well, you get the idea… making the outdoors a part of everyday life.

When we traveled, we all seemed to find great products that we just couldn’t buy locally, so we decided to start-up a site to share the best gear and getaways that we discovered with everyone. With a few friendly arm-twists of friends and family for help, the TrailblazerGirl.com site was launched in 2012.

The name “TrailblazerGirl” conveys our goal to discover new finds for adventurous women interested in making the outdoors a part of the everyday. And although our focus is on women, we’re finding that a lot of guys are interested in TrailblazerGirl’s finds as well because sometimes a good find for women is a good find for all.

Whether you’re an experienced climber or surfer or a tomboy running the trails or a city girl who loves the warm feeling from outdoorsy gear, we hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions or if you’ve had experience with any of the gear or getaways we’ve reviewed or if you have something that might of interest to our readers, please let us know: contact us, and feel free to check out our press page too.

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