Fleur & Bee Youth Fairy

May 23, 2022

Currently available: $35  Visit their site to learn more

Wishing for more youthful looking skin? Then the Youth Fairy from our friends at Fleur & Bee is ready to make that come true! Using 18 nourishing actives, including the anti-aging star, retinol, this rich face cream will help reduce those fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots that we’re all starting to see as we get older. Open the jar, and the beautiful lemon, buttercup color of the cream comes from the sea buckthorn oil. This oil is rich in lipids like linoleic acid, that help regulate moisture levels and overall help with hydration.¬†Though highly effective, retinol can be irritating, so our friends at Fleur & Bee use a low concentration of 0.03% retinol, along with a recommendation to start with an every other night application precaution until your skin adjusts, then nightly use is tolerated more easily.¬†From the powerhouse of clean skincare products, Fleur & Bee, comes their newest creation, the silky smooth retinol moisturizer, Youth Fairy!