BodyGuardz Spyglass Edge

August 10, 2022

Protect your phone and your privacy. The Spyglass Edge from our friends at BodyGuardz is a tempered glass screen protector that has a two-way privacy film incorporated directly into the glass. This means that when you’re viewing your phone straight on, you have a clear, crisp picture, however someone sitting next to you will only see […]

Wellness Collection

August 8, 2022

Today is National CBD Day, and what better day than to introduce you to the Wellness Collection! The Wellness Collection offers an array of honest, clean health products that support mind, body and spirit wellbeing in a simple, easy fashion by best-selling author, health and wellness expert, Cassie Sobelton. Since it’s National CBD Day, let’s […]

National Summit Day

August 5, 2022

Coming August 6, 2022. Reach the peak! Tomorrow is National Summit Day, a celebration of summits and those who climb them. Started in 2017 by Backpacker Magazine, the first Saturday in August is a day to get those hiking boots on and head outdoors to explore. We don’t see anything about specific events on their […]

Hanahana Beauty Shea Body Butter Mini Set

August 3, 2022

Last month, we’re sure you saw the big preview…you know, the preview of the Hanahana Beauty Shea Body Butter Mini Set! Here are all the beautiful details. This Mini Set contains not one, not two, but THREE little 1.7 ounce pots of luscious Shea Body Butter. Yippee! And that small size ensures that you’ll be able […]

Bug Soother

August 1, 2022

Don’t let bugs prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Check out Bug Soother products for a chemical-free, natural remedy to keep those annoying pests at bay. Armed with 0.8% lemongrass oil, this active ingredient has been proven to be effective against mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies, fleas, no-see-ums, and other insects. The lemongrass plus a […]

International Camel and Ostrich Races

July 29, 2022

Coming September 9-11, 2022. Horse races…dog races…camel races?! Yes, it’s the 63rd annual International Camel and Ostrich Races in Nevada’s Virginia City! In 1859, the Comstock Lode was discovered in this historic town, and a visit here has you stepping back in time exploring the many Victorian buildings built during that 19th-century mining boom. The […]

Fleur and Bee ‘A’ Game

July 27, 2022

Have you heard the buzz? Our favorite plant-powered, beauty brand, Fleur and Bee, has just released the ‘A’ Game. This is their newest retinol serum, with a low strength level of 0.1% retinol, just right for those with sensitive skin or those just getting on the retinol train. This proven anti-aging ingredient is combined with […]

Toodaloo Trail Mix

July 25, 2022

PROMO CODE ALERT…Say goodbye to supposedly healthy trail mix and hello to Toodaloo Trail Mix! Toodaloo sets itself apart by being an Adaptogenic Trail Mix. Not familiar with this term? To be honest, we weren’t either, but it means that special herbs, called adaptogens, are added, and they have specific health benefits that increase your […]

Trans Canada Trail (update)

July 22, 2022

Six years ago, we report on the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), the world’s longest networks of multi-use recreational trails, and now we have an update. The TCT. also known as The Great Trail, was completed in 2017 and spans more than 28,000 km covering walking paths, roads, and waterways through rural and urban areas of all […]

FORLOH SolAir Lightweight Pants

July 20, 2022

Pants designed to keep you cool! Yes, that’s right, the SolAir Lightweight Pants from our friends at FORLOH are constructed out of an innovative fabric that will keep you about 3.5 degrees F cooler, during and after all your TrailblazerGirl outdoor activities. Wow, that can make all the difference in your comfort level when you’re […]

Naturehike 11L Outdoor Insulated Cooler Bag

July 18, 2022

Ice-cold drinks on a summer day! That and more with the 11L Outdoor Insulated Cooler Bag from the folks at Naturehike. Excellent cold retention is assured with thick closed-cell foam, we’re talking 1 inch thick on the bottom and 0.75 inch foam on the cover and sides, plus an airtight, waterproof zipper to hold all that […]

Key Peninsula Logging Show

July 15, 2022

Coming August 20, 2022. Timber! It’s the 33rd Annual Key Peninsula Logging Show, held at the Port Orchard Airport, about an hour and half’s drive south-west of Seattle, Washington. Created to celebrate the area’s timber industry and pioneering heritage, the event is also one of the main fund raising activities for the local food bank […]

Treatment Mask No1 Brightening

July 13, 2022

Time for a spa day at home! Treat yourself to an award winning mask with the Treatment Mask No1 Brightening from the folks at Dr. Nigma Talib. Popular among celebrities, Dr. Nigma is a naturopathic doctor and author who specialize in creating quality and science based supplements and skin care. Consistent with the naturopathic medicine philosophy to […]

doTERRA Citronella Essential Oil

July 11, 2022

The natural way to keep bugs at bay. It’s Citronella Essential Oil from our friends at doTERRA. This is not just any essential oil, but the top of the line essential oil that is in-house and third party tested to be pure and free of contaminants. doTERRA Citronella Essential Oil is sustainably and responsibly sourced, […]

Stranda Fjord Trail Race 2022

July 8, 2022

Coming August 5, 2022. A challenging race with jaw-dropping beauty. The Stranda Fjord Trail Race is an ultra-running race held in Stranda, part of the Sunnmøre region, a small place located on one of the western Norwegian fjords. Choose from 4 distances: 12K, 25K, 48K, or 100K. All are technically difficult with tough ascents and […]

River Organics Lip Balm

July 7, 2022

Kiss dry lips goodbye! Our friends at River Organics have some wonderful lip balms made with natural and organic, plant-based ingredients. Treat your lips to these 100% vegan lip balms, hand-poured in Wilmington, North Carolina. Key ingredients, cacao and mango butters, are ultra hydrating and help give your lips a healthy, plump look. They go […]

PlaneAire Hands Pomegranate Basil

July 5, 2022

A new addition from our friends at PlaneAire Hands! Last year, we introduced you to PlaneAire Hands and their Hand Sanitizer Collection, an on-the-go solution to hand hygiene. One item in particular, their Sandalwood hand sanitizer lotion, was such a success, that they released a new scent, Pomegranate Basil! It’s still 99.99% effective at getting […]

Carnation Run for the Pies and Pints 5K

July 1, 2022

Coming July 4, 2022. Pies and pints, yes, please! it’s the Carnation Run for the Pies and Pints 5K held at Remlinger Farms in Carnation, Washington, a scenic, small city about 30 miles east of Seattle. Remlinger Farms is a 350-acre working farm with amusement rides, entertainment, u-pick berry fields and a new In-House Brewery. The […]

Amphipod Versa-Lite Max

June 29, 2022

This little guy gives off a lot of light! The Versa-Lit Max from our friends at Amphipod will be your best friend in  low lighting, thanks to the a maximum intensity of 160 lumens. Select from multiple LED modes: 4 white and 2 red, with solid lighting or flash options. A super handy clip on […]

Hanahana Beauty Shea Body Butter Mini Set

June 28, 2022

Just released! You must remember our friends at Hanahana Beauty who brought us the amazing Shea Body Butter and the equally amazing 2 in 1 Body Bar. Well, good news, they have recently come out with the Shea Body Butter Mini Set! We’ll share the details with you soon, but check out the link above to […]

Hiking the Columbia River Gorge

June 27, 2022

Explore the Gorge! In Russ Schneider’s just released, updated version of Hiking the Columbia River Gorge, you’ll have armchair access to 54 of the most memorable hikes that begin at the Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge, a canyon of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest that stretches for over eighty miles as […]

Refuse To Abuse 5K

June 24, 2022

Coming July 9, 2022. A race that includes stepping out on a major league ball park field! The Refuse To Abuse 5K is an important race held in partnership between the Seattle Mariners and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV). Funds raised benefit the network of domestic violence programs that the WSCADV developed. Runners and […]

DIB’s Beauty Desert Island Duo

June 22, 2022

The one product to add to your makeup routine to cover a myriad of tasks. It’s the DIB’s Beauty Desert Island Duo! We love multipurpose items and this one is no exception. It works on your cheeks, lips, and eyes as a bronzer, blush, highlighter, lip color, and eye color. Formulated with mango seed butter, an […]

Dakini Leggings

June 20, 2022

PROMO CODE ALERT…The leggings to live in! Yep, it’s Dakini again, but this time with their oh-so comfortable leggings! You must recall the Dakini’s Rollneck Sweater we introduced you to earlier today? These leggings have that same coziness and wearability. They have a chinchilla soft, fleece interior and a knit exterior. A flattering cut that tapers […]