Ridgemont Monty Lo

May 25, 2017

Time to hit the trails! And our friends at Ridgemont have THE shoe for us TrailblazerGirls! The Monty Lo is a solid shoe described as a classic hiker that’s been slimmed down. Don’t be worried that they run narrow because this TrailblazerGirl’s slightly wider feet fit very comfortably in these true to size shoes. They […]

Crosskix 2.0

May 11, 2017

The multi-functional shoe for all your TrailblazerGirl adventures! Crosskix 2.0 is a molded foam composite shoe that will take you from land to water without a hitch. It’s a great looking shoe that is comfortable with a footbed that actually molds to the shape of your foot over time. We found that they were very useful here in […]

361 Degrees Bio-Speed

May 1, 2017

They’ve done it again! Our friends at 361 Degrees (remember the Ortega from last year?) have designed another fantastic all-around shoe that you’ll be jumping up and down for. The Bio-Speed is a lightweight (only 6.5 oz!) workout staple with some excellent features. A somewhat sticky rubber outsole with multiple flex grooves is patterned for […]


April 24, 2017

Fresh scents for your not so fresh shoes! Our friends at sōlscience developed Antidōt, a premium shoe deodorizer that comes in a fine mist atomizer spray. We tried 3 of their fragrances: Future Fresh, Cool Watermelon, and Astro Punch. Each has a distinct scent and corresponding fragrance strength level. A single 2oz bottle will last about 3 months with daily use. […]

Airia Raw

March 30, 2017

Attention serious runners…this is the shoe for you! After years of research and development, the Swedish company Airia has developed a very special running shoe that is designed to boost your performance. They determined that four areas are key to your running performance: weight of the shoe (the RAW weighs only 4.6 oz!), sole rebound […]

Lugz Flirt Hi Zip

March 14, 2017

These boot are made for walkin’! The Lugz Flirt Hi Zip easily marries fashion and practicality – just what the active TrailblazerGirl wants. A well-made construction with a sturdy heel and sole, make these mid height boots ideal for your urban explorations, light hiking forays, and travel getaways. Your feet will be comfy with the memory foam insoles and […]

Fox River Socks

March 3, 2017

Happy feet…happy TrailblazerGirl! The folks at Fox River Socks are America’s oldest performance sock brand, so they know their socks. They have a massive assortment of socks to choose from depending on the activity you’re doing, the weather, fabric, and personal style preference. These sock experts (shout out to Mike!) smartly suggested we try their […]

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

March 2, 2017

A simple fix to a painful problem. Sometimes we overdo it, resulting in injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and other foot conditions, but relief is in sight with the podiatrist-designed orthotics from our friends at Powerstep. They have a wide variety of shoe inserts, but we tested the Pinnacle Maxx and found the firmer […]

Bridgedale WoolFusion Trekker

February 27, 2017

They put a lot of thought into their socks so you don’t have to. The folks at Bridgedale are known as the global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks. Whether it’s for hiking, skiing, mountaineering, running, walking, or just being there, they’ve got the sock for you. We tested their WoolFusion Trekker, a midweight […]

VKTRY Insoles

February 14, 2017

Not just any insole. These are Performance Insoles! VKTRY Insoles are designed for athletes to optimize their performance during competitions and training. Their inception traces back to the US Olympic Bobsled Team to help them deliver speedy starts. Here’s how it works: a proprietary algorithm is used to determine the best flexibility level of the insole for […]

Wiivv Insoles

February 1, 2017

They support you, so be sure to take care of them. It’s your feet, of course, and our friends at Wiivv have a way to make them feel extra-special. The clever folks at Wiivv have developed a process to design custom 3D printed insoles! Yes, custom! Download their app, take some pictures of your feet with […]

Heat Holders Twist Thermal Socks

January 31, 2017

Oh-so cozy! The aptly named thermal socks from our friends at Heat Holders (yes, they really do hold the heat!) are the perfect sock for your winter TrailblazerGirl activities. A patented three-stage manufacturing process is the key to socks that are incredibly warm, soft, and cozy. According to the company, “An advanced insulating yarn is used […]

Therafit Sienna

January 19, 2017

Customized support and comfort! Our friends at Therafit have designed a system called the Personalized Comfort System (PCS) that allows you to adjust your shoe with the ideal cushioning, support and fit for your needs. The Sienna is a sport casual shoe that is a great sneaker for urban walks, spinning class, gym sessions, and all-day comfort. It […]

Balega Blister Resist Socks

January 19, 2017

As if you weren’t already interested in a sock called Blister Resist! Yes, our friends at Balega specialize in socks, and their Blister Resist Socks are ones to write home about. Blisters are prevented by a combination of well-thought out features: high thread count, mohair blended fabric that provides for a tighter fit, moisture wicking, and less […]

Editor’s Top Finds of 2016: Escaping the Cold Weather!

January 3, 2017

Happy New Year! We TrailblazerGirls love being outdoors, but this cold weather has us dreaming of a nice, warm day in the sun. The TrailblazerGirl team wants to share their top 3 picks from the 2016 reviews for ways to escape the cold weather. First off, check out the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. […]

Top Hike of 2016

December 2, 2016

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2016 reviews in the Hike category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please…the Oboz Aurora, the dual functioning trail and running shoe. Rounding out the top-3 were the […]

Zederna Cedar Soles Silver Care

October 19, 2016

PROMO CODE ALERT! Think about those aromatic, cedar-lined chests for your sweaters. Now you can have something similar…in your shoes! The smart folks at Zederna have created cedar wood insoles that have a thin layer of cedar wood fused to a cotton layer, creating a flexible, comfortable insole for all your shoes. The cedar has […]

Tread Labs Stride

October 13, 2016

You use them everyday, so take care of them! What is it?…It’s your feet, and they deserve the semi-custom fit that our friends at Tread Labs can provide. We tested their Stride insoles, and we’re very impressed. Tread Labs provides you with a quick, 5 question quiz that guides you to the insole that will […]


September 29, 2016

Clever, clever! NotSocks are essential for the fashion-forward TrailblazerGirl. If you live a “sockless lifestyle” or like the look of shoes without socks, then this is the solution for you. The smart folks at NotSocks have developed a footbed that can be custom-cut and a “sock” that fits around that footbed. The “sock” is made out […]

AhhSoles Collection

September 23, 2016

Your feet deserve these! Check out the fun and colorful AhhSoles Collection of flip flops. But there’s more to them than just looks. They are actually really comfortable and make your feet feel especially pampered. After a long run, hiking trek, rock climbing foray, or just a hard day at work, slip on a pair of […]

Oboz Aurora

September 12, 2016

Love trail running and hiking? No need for two different pairs of shoes with the Aurora from our friends at Oboz! From their line called “Trailsport”, they’ve designed a shoe that gives you the support and grip needed in a hiking shoe plus the lightness of a trail running shoe. Genius! Their Hyalite outsole delivers the flexibility […]

Ronsports Cibel

July 27, 2016

Surfer casual meets bohemian chic! Check out the Cibil from our Canadian friends at Ronsports in beautiful British Columbia. Look no further, we found your summer walking shoe. Designed out of raffia and suede, this leather-lined shoe is super comfortable, in part due to the cushioned leather footbed. It looks great with shorts, jeans, skirts, […]


July 25, 2016

Yippee – do away with blisters! We’ve all been through it whether it’s that new pair of running shoes or hiking boots or that knock-out pair of heels or strappy sandals, the folks at FootGloss have your remedy. This all-natural “foot prep” will help prevent the irritation, chafing and blisters that can happen with even […]

Body Glide For Her and Foot

June 27, 2016

Be free of chafing and blisters! Our friends at Body Glide have a solution with their balms designed especially for us TrailblazerGirls and for our feet. For Her has a vitamin enriched formula that can be applied to your inner thighs, under your arms or around your sports bra, anywhere that chafing may occur. The […]