January 8, 2018

Currently available: $5  Visit their site to learn more

Send stinky smells into space! Our friends at Zorpads have created a solution to that almost unmentionable problem…stinky shoes. These ultra-thin pads are placed in your smelliest of shoes and using┬áNASA-tested technology (get the space reference now?), they quickly eliminate shoe funk. No mess, no powders, no trimming, no spraying; just a small, discreet pad that works wonders for up to 60 “wears”. There are 3 layers to this patent pending pad: the first layer absorbs the excess moisture; the second layer is a carbon layer that absorbs the stink created by the naturally occurring bacteria on your feet; and the third layer is an adhesive layer that keeps that insert in place. They really work and since they’re so thin, they won’t change the fit of your shoes or boots. Stick Zorpads, the “bacteria killing fart vacuums”, ┬áin your hiking shoes, ski boots, running shoes, those cute canvas shoes you like to wear in the summer without socks, or any pair of kicks that has a stink!