Tiosebon Knitted Sneakers – BL

November 15, 2018

Currently available: $28.43  Visit their site to learn more

Super lightweight and super affordable! The Knitted Sneakers – BL from the folks at Tiosebon are a casual pair of shoes that are great for travel and getting around town. Comfortable right out of the box, these slip-on sneakers come in a variety of colors from neutral gray and black to stand-out red and bright pink. And they’re on sale right now with free shipping as well, so you can get a pair or two to complement whatever TrailblazerGirl outfit you’re wearing! The stretch knit upper is breathable and quick drying, making them a warm-weather friend, but probably best to avoid in rainy, cold climates. A cushioned insole provides extra comfort on long walks and sightseeing adventures, and the anti-skid, wear-resistant outsole grants sure-footed travels. We found their fit to be true to size. The┬áTiosebon Knitted Sneakers – BL are easy on the feet and easy on the wallet!