May 10, 2018

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Protects everything from everything. Big statement from the folks at DetraPel…and it does live up to it! In these small blue bottles is a solution that acts as an invisible coat of armor. It fights off dirt, water, and other liquids, keeping your shoes, clothing, hats, backpacks, upholstery, carpet, and furniture free of stains. Huzzah!┬áThe water-based solution is biodegradable and uses nanotechnology to prevent liquids and stains from setting and soaking into your gear. Just spray on twice, letting air dry in between applications, and you’re set. It dries clear, without any residue, and we found it especially useful on a pair of canvas sneakers and a nylon backpack that saw us through days of trekking through all kinds of weather on a recent holiday. Add DetraPel to your arsenal for a water repellent, dirt-fighting layer of protection on everything!