April 17, 2018

Currently available: $9.95  Visit their site to learn more

No time to tie? Then you need Laceez! These are elastic shoelaces that easily convert your lace up shoes into slip-ons. Remove those tiresome laces on your sneakers, then simply thread the innovative, flat Laceez through the eyelets. The patent-pending aglet (AKA the thingy at the tip of the shoelace) secures Laceez at the top hole of your shoe. The aglet can either be placed inside or out, depending on your preference. Voilà – slip on shoes! Triathletes will find these especially valuable since they will save time by avoiding the hassle of tying and untying those running shoelaces. An added benefit is that they can’t come untied! They are taut enough to keep your shoes on, but stretchable enough to not be overly restrictive on your feet as to be uncomfortable. No tying or untying, just simplify with Laccez!