ENGO Blister Prevention Patches

October 13, 2017

Currently available: $13.99  Visit their site to learn more

Blisters? Attack the source and not your feet with ENGO Blister Prevention Patches! Rather than place plasters on your skin that may be tender and sore, place them directly on the shoes that cause the blisters. Blister Prevention Patches are available in different sizes and look a little like dialogue balloons that you see in cartoons. But there’s nothing funny about them because they do their job. They are ultra thin and can be trimmed with scissors, so they won’t affect how your shoe fits. Simply apply the patch to your shoe or insole, and they help reduce friction, thus protecting you from blisters forming or worsening. They are water-resistant and long lasting (up to 300 miles). Hurrah, no more suffering from blisters with ENGO Blister Prevention Patches!