July 19, 2017

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Extend the life of your gear with Nikwax! Our friends at Nikwax have an arsenal of products that will effectively clean and protect all your TrailblazerGirl outdoor gear without harmful and flammable solvents. For your tent, backpacks, and hammocks, the Solarwash and Solarproof adds UV and waterproof protection, strengthening your gear and doubling the effective life of your gear. Just got a new pair of hiking boots? Then make sure to get some Fabric and Leather Proof spray to keep those boots waterproof and looking good. Just in case, also get the Footwear Cleaning Gel, an easy-to-use sponge on cleaner that does double duty to clean and restore the water repellency. And we know you need some of the Basewash. This detergent works wonders on technical fabric that can often retain smells (think sports bras and your favorite hiking shirt!). Add a capful or two in the washing machine in place of your regular detergent, and get ready for fresh smelling clothes with improved wicking performance. Just a few of the must-have products from our friends at Nikwax!