Lock Laces

November 8, 2017

Currently available: $7.99  Visit their site to learn more

Never tie your shoes again! Yippee! Our friends at Lock Laces have a clever device to turn your lace up shoes into slip ons. In each package, there’s a pair of 48 inch long elastic shoelaces (plenty long enough to meet the needs of everyone!), 2 locking devices, and 2 cord clips to keep the laces from fraying. They are super easy to install and adjust, and their website has a step-by-step video and picture instructions for additional help. A variety of colors are available including reflective laces and extra long ones for boots. Lock Laces make it convenient for triathletes to do their quick change between events, travelers going through security lines, mom’s trying to get all the kiddies out the door, and basically everyone who wants to save time puttingĀ their shoes on!