ja-vie Flats

February 14, 2019

Comfort without sacrificing style! Our friends at ja-vie produce ballet flats with a twist. They are designed out of a knit, sock-like lining, enrobed in a jelly outsole with a leather insole. And the kicker is that they are machine washable! The knit lining is a soft and breathable cotton, so your feet won’t get […]

OESH Lea Storm Cloud

February 7, 2019

Take your treks by storm…with the Lea Storm Cloud from our friends at OESH! The company’s interesting name comes from the letters of s-h-o-e “turned around and inside-out” and is consistent with their shoes – they’re not like your typical athletic shoe. Built for an active woman by active women, they are based on over […]

Arcopedico L19

February 4, 2019

Are you ready, boots? Start walkin’! And you’ll feel like these babies are doing all the work by themselves, because the L19 from our friends at Arcopedico are just so comfortable! These popular booties are incredibly lightweight (less than a pound!) thanks to a sole that is made out of a molded polyurethane material that’s also […]


January 28, 2019

Never tie your laces again! Thanks to the folks at HICKIES, you can turn any pair of tie shoes into slip-ons so you can be on your way in a speedy fashion! Especially essential for triathletes! HICKIES Laces are elastic “shoelaces” that work with all you shoes that have eyelets or loops. They are simple […]

Muck Liberty Waterproof Ankle Rubber Boots

January 16, 2019

Why should kids have all the fun? Go ahead and splash through those puddles…as long as you have boots from The Original Muck Boot Company! Yes, our friends at Muck have a plethora of boots designed to stand up to tough conditions, whether on the farm, in the city, or in the great outdoors, and […]

Top Wear of 2018

December 3, 2018

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2018 reviews in the Wear category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the Earth Shoes Zest, a cool (in more ways than one!) pair of eco-friendly shoes to […]

Tiosebon Knitted Sneakers – BL

November 15, 2018

Super lightweight and super affordable! The Knitted Sneakers – BL from the folks at Tiosebon are a casual pair of shoes that are great for travel and getting around town. Comfortable right out of the box, these slip-on sneakers come in a variety of colors from neutral gray and black to stand-out red and bright […]

Wūru Sports Wool

October 4, 2018

Wool. Great for sweaters, socks, blankets, and…preventing blisters? That’s right, blisters! Wūru Sports Wool is a highly effective way to keep you blister-free on all your TrailblazerGirl adventures. Wūru (pronounced woo roo) is the Māori word for wool, and not surprisingly, this wool hails from New Zealand, known for having quality wool and wool products. […]

People Footwear Stanley Knit

July 26, 2018

Classic white sneakers with a twist! As promised, we’re back with another fantastic shoe from our friends at People Footwear – The Stanley Knit. With a timeless style and a slight twist, these shoes have a digitally-knitted upper. Yes, knitted, so they have a bit of stretch to them which makes them form fitting and […]

People Footwear Phillips

July 25, 2018

Step up your TrailblazerGirl wardrobe with the Phillips from our friends at People Footwear! Summer means getting outdoors and walking everywhere, and this Vancouver-based company knows what it takes. The Phillips is a super-duper lightweight casual shoe that is comfortable right out of the box. It’s thanks to their innovative Skylite EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate, […]

Superfeet Trailblazer Insoles

May 14, 2018

Insoles designed especially for women (and a pretty great name, to boot!). The Trailblazer Insoles from our friends at Superfeet seem like they are tailor made to fit our needs. Aimed at hikers, though perfectly fine for your running/walking shoes as well, these insoles help to stabilize your feet on uneven ground thanks to a […]


May 10, 2018

Protects everything from everything. Big statement from the folks at DetraPel…and it does live up to it! In these small blue bottles is a solution that acts as an invisible coat of armor. It fights off dirt, water, and other liquids, keeping your shoes, clothing, hats, backpacks, upholstery, carpet, and furniture free of stains. Huzzah! The […]


April 17, 2018

No time to tie? Then you need Laceez! These are elastic shoelaces that easily convert your lace up shoes into slip-ons. Remove those tiresome laces on your sneakers, then simply thread the innovative, flat Laceez through the eyelets. The patent-pending aglet (AKA the thingy at the tip of the shoelace) secures Laceez at the top hole […]

Oboz Juniper Low Shoes

February 26, 2018

Buy their shoes…and they plant a tree! Yep, our friends at Oboz are as passionate about the environment as they are about designing great shoes for your outdoor adventures! Their new Juniper Low Shoes are a stellar shoe from their Main Street to Mountains series, a line built exclusively for women and as their name […]

Earth Shoes Zest

February 12, 2018

Thinking of Spring as we slip our feet into the Zest from our friends at Earth Shoes! They’re super comfy thanks to a memory foam-like footbed that provides heel to toe cushioning and arch support. The laser cut dot design gives you plenty of ventilation to keep feet cool. These mule type shoes will be […]

Indosole Pantai Travel Shoes

January 16, 2018

Yes, it’s cold outside, but how about a new pair of shoes to help you get into a “beachy” mood! Our friends at Indosole have designed a shoe that literally means “beach”. Their new Pantai Travel Shoes (pantai translate to beach, in Indonesian) are a fun espadrille style slip-on that is so easy-breezy on your […]


January 8, 2018

Send stinky smells into space! Our friends at Zorpads have created a solution to that almost unmentionable problem…stinky shoes. These ultra-thin pads are placed in your smelliest of shoes and using NASA-tested technology (get the space reference now?), they quickly eliminate shoe funk. No mess, no powders, no trimming, no spraying; just a small, discreet pad […]

Soul Insole

November 17, 2017

Give yourself a lift…with Soul Insoles! Described as “orthotics with soul”, these insoles are not your typical insole. They are smaller, gel-filled supports that sit under your arches. You can use them along with full length insoles or on their own, and they stay in place with a convenient reusable adhesive that allows you to […]

Lock Laces

November 8, 2017

Never tie your shoes again! Yippee! Our friends at Lock Laces have a clever device to turn your lace up shoes into slip ons. In each package, there’s a pair of 48 inch long elastic shoelaces (plenty long enough to meet the needs of everyone!), 2 locking devices, and 2 cord clips to keep the […]

ENGO Blister Prevention Patches

October 13, 2017

Blisters? Attack the source and not your feet with ENGO Blister Prevention Patches! Rather than place plasters on your skin that may be tender and sore, place them directly on the shoes that cause the blisters. Blister Prevention Patches are available in different sizes and look a little like dialogue balloons that you see in cartoons. But […]


August 16, 2017

Clever idea! Zubits are magnet closures that turn your lace-up running shoes into slip ons! Do they stay closed? Yes! A special “magnetic array” is used on this patent-pending invention that allows them to bind with up to 17 pounds of force. Plus besides the Adult Strength size, which is adequate for running and gym […]


July 19, 2017

Extend the life of your gear with Nikwax! Our friends at Nikwax have an arsenal of products that will effectively clean and protect all your TrailblazerGirl outdoor gear without harmful and flammable solvents. For your tent, backpacks, and hammocks, the Solarwash and Solarproof adds UV and waterproof protection, strengthening your gear and doubling the effective life […]

Reef Walled Low TX

June 23, 2017

Yet another winning shoe from our friends at Reef! Yes, those surf lifestyle gurus have done it again. Recall that yesterday, we shared the Reef Rose with you, a fantastic versatile, slip-on shoe, well, this time, it’s a new casual sneaker called the Walled Low TX. The classic surfer sneaker takes on a twist with some interesting […]

Reef Rose

June 22, 2017

Surfer inspired style! We’re sure that you’ve heard of Reef, that So-Cal-based company that started with the active sandal and has grown into a global surf lifestyle leader, and we know that you’ll love their Rose shoe as much as we do! Comfy right out of the box and such a versatile shoe. Don’t be […]