Lume Six Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

June 24, 2024

Get the customized support you need. Our friends at Lume Six have reimagined the sports bras. Their Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra is an award winning bra with well thought out features. Most notably, something that you don’t see with other sports bras, is that you get a more custom fit thanks to the fact […]

ANETIK Outbound Pant

June 17, 2024

Keep it light for the summer! The Outbound Pant from our friends at ANETIK is the ideal pant for hot summer days. The super lightweight material, know at GHOSTLIGHT, has excellent breathability and provides UPF30+ sun protection. It’s quick drying as well. The pant has a slim and flattering fit which can seamlessly take you […]

Cozy Earth Bamboo Jogger Set

June 12, 2024

Bamboo isn’t just for pandas! Our friend at Cozy Earth have a Bamboo Jogger Set that is just dreamy. It’s soft as butter and is made out of a 4-way stretch material that is primarily bamboo viscose. Bamboo is an eco-conscious choice as it requires less water to grow than cotton, is a renewable resource […]

KAVU Gibson Pants

October 25, 2023

Designed for fun…it’s the KAVU Gibson Pants! You may recall KAVU from previous popular features, and their philosophy of building fun into everything you do, which means “treating every day like it’s special, and then getting out and doing whatever invigorates you and makes you smile. That’s a KAVU Day.” What an uplifting outlook and […]

Baleaf Yoga Dress Pants

October 4, 2023

Nine years, and going strong! Over the years, we’ve shared many products from our friends at Baleaf, and this year marks their 9 year anniversary. Congratulation Baleaf! We know that TrailblazerGirl readers have so enjoyed many pieces coming out of this contemporary activewear brand, as they have been voted in our year end top three […]

KURU Stride Move

June 5, 2023

Smarter shoes for foot pain. Yep, that’s right, our friends at KURU have the shoes that will help you with painful plantar fasciitis and other foot woes so you can do TrailblazerGirl thing. You may recall KURU from previous posts of their exceptional court shoe and trail shoe, the ROAM and ATOM, respectively. The Stride […]

Line in the Sand Paddle On Pullover

May 8, 2023

Created by women for women. It’s Line in the Sand, a wonderful, woman-owned company with an even more wonderful mission to empower women, protect our oceans, and fight cancer. Their Paddle On Pullover is a prime example from their line of active waterwear. It’s made from recycled materials – regenerated nylon yarn from discarded fishing […]

Sweat X Sport

May 1, 2023

Get the power to defeat the funk! Our friends at Sweat X Sport know that when you’re active, it sometimes leads to sweaty, stinky clothing and gear. But don’t fret, they have found the solution with their line of Activewear Laundry Detergents, Odor Eliminator Sprays, and Stain Remover Spray. We’re super impressed with their high […]

Baleaf Sweatleaf Butterfly-Back Bra

April 5, 2023

Yet another winner from Baleaf’s Sweatleaf Collection! Earlier this week, we shared a great pair of leggings from this collection, and here’s an additional piece to include in your workout essentials list, the Sweatleaf Butterfly-Back Bra. From a practical standpoint, this sports bra has it all: wide shoulder straps to give you plenty of support […]

Baleaf Sweatleaf High-Rise 27” Leggings

April 3, 2023

A staple item to have in your workout wardrobe…it’s the black legging, of course! And our friends at Baleaf have a winner with their Sweatleaf High-Rise 27″ Leggings. In the past, we’ve share many practical pieces from Baleaf, from their Fleece Mountaineering Pants for hikes in the winter to their Racerback Lace-up Bikini for long-awaited beach […]


March 15, 2023

Get ready for all-day comfort! A few years ago, we introduced you to KURU and their ROAM Sneaker, an ultra-comfortable shoe for the courts, walking about town, running the track, and more. Well, our friends at KURU have released a pair of shoes that are geared toward your time on the trails…it’s the KURU ATOM Trail! Just like […]

Top Wear of 2022

December 1, 2022

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes and shares for our 2022 features in the Wear category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank, the super practical top that allows you to wear your […]

Prevent Sprain Socks

November 16, 2022

What’s the most common sports injury? Ankle sprains. And they occur in a whopping average of 25,000 people per day and not just in athletes. That’s why you need to get Prevent Sprain Socks! These socks are scientifically designed to prevent and lower the severity of ankle sprains thanks to a four-fold approach. First, the […]

Passion Lilie Wisteria Button Top

October 24, 2022

A unique piece that is handwoven and handmade. It’s the Wisteria Button Top from our friends at Passion Lilie! As a woman-owned and operated business, Passion Lilie empowers artisans in India through a fair and living wage, who then create beautiful and individual apparel for both women and men. This lavender-colored, versatile top is fashioned […]

DRYWORLD HauteD Triple Cross Sports Bra

September 14, 2022

Designed by athletes for athletes. It’s the HauteD Triple Cross Sports Bra from our friends at DRYWORLD! This collection was designed by Darya “Dasha” Klishina, a Russian Olympic long jumper who competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to appreciate the quality and performance of […]

SOMI Deep Dive

September 6, 2022

Is it underwear? Is it swimwear? Is it a sports bra? Is it loungewear? It’s all of the above and more, it’s the SOMI Deep Dive, a totally new category of functional underwear! Key to its multi-functionality is their special fabric, Sustainluxe. It’s a recycled fabric that is breathable, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, supportive, and comfortable. That’s quite […]

FORLOH SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

August 29, 2022

A long sleeved shirt is a staple item in any TrailblazerGirl’s wardrobe. And hats off to our friends at FORLOH, because they have exactly what we need with their SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt! Yes, that’s the same amazing company that brought us the fantastic hiking pants we introduced you to last month, the FORLOH Lightweight […]

FORLOH SolAir Lightweight Pants

July 20, 2022

Pants designed to keep you cool! Yes, that’s right, the SolAir Lightweight Pants from our friends at FORLOH are constructed out of an innovative fabric that will keep you about 3.5 degrees F cooler, during and after all your TrailblazerGirl outdoor activities. Wow, that can make all the difference in your comfort level when you’re […]

Dakini Leggings

June 20, 2022

PROMO CODE ALERT…The leggings to live in! Yep, it’s Dakini again, but this time with their oh-so comfortable leggings! You must recall the Dakini’s Rollneck Sweater we introduced you to earlier today? These leggings have that same coziness and wearability. They have a chinchilla soft, fleece interior and a knit exterior. A flattering cut that tapers […]

Dakini Fleece Rollneck Sweater

June 20, 2022

PROMO CODE ALERT…The coziest sweater ever! The Fleece Rollneck Sweater is the one that started it all for Dakini back in 1993. In Hinduism and Buddhism, dakini are energetic spirits or messengers in female form that possess wisdom, and that’s exactly what you will be with everything from Dakini! This fleece has the look of […]

8000Kicks Seeker

June 9, 2022

The first waterproof cannabis sneaker! Yes, you read that correctly, cannabis. But don’t think that you’ll be able to smoke this pair of shoes. The Seeker from our friends at 8000Kicks is designed out of hemp fibers, or as they describe it, the “sober cousin of marijuana” (i.e., there’s no TCH or psychoactive components). Hemp […]

Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank

June 1, 2022

No pockets…no problem! As long as you have the Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank! Our activewear tops often don’t have pockets to carry your ID, phone, or keys, making it so that you’ll have to bring along a bag or purse to cart all these necessary items with you. Pursesuitz allows you to wear your “suit” […]

GOREWEAR Contest Daily Tee

May 24, 2022

You know we’re big fans of GOREWEAR, and who wouldn’t be with their vast selection of award winning technical gear for cyclists and runners alike. The newly released Contest Daily Tee is the latest in the GOREWEAR line of performance running apparel. It has a roominess that ensures you won’t have any restrictions in your […]

HARA Maya Low Waist Undies

May 11, 2022

Help the earth with HARA. Just like the HARA Stella Low Cut Bra that we introduced you to earlier, the HARA Maya Low Waist Undies are fashioned using organic bamboo that is sustainable grown, processed, and ethically made. Plant dyes are used, ensuring that your delicate areas are never exposed to any irritation. Dreamy soft, these […]