FORLOH SolAir Lightweight Pants

July 20, 2022

Currently available: $159  Visit their site to learn more

Pants designed to keep you cool! Yes, that’s right, the SolAir Lightweight Pants from our friends at FORLOH are constructed out of an innovative fabric that will keep you about 3.5 degrees F cooler, during and after all your TrailblazerGirl outdoor activities. Wow, that can make all the difference in your comfort level when you’re trekking up that mountainside! The cooling is due to special technology that incorporates minerals directly into the fibers of the fabric. You also get the benefit of UPF 50+ sun protection, superior wicking, quick drying, and excellent odor elimination. The pants are lightweight, comfortable to move in, have 4 pockets, and the slightly tapered leg is a very flattering fit. Headquartered in Montana, FORLOH products are designed, sourced, and manufactured entirely in the United States.┬áThe FORLOH SolAir Lightweight Pants are without a doubt THE hiking pants to wear in the height of the summer heat!