Prevent Sprain Socks

November 16, 2022

Currently available: $39.95  Visit their site to learn more

What’s the most common sports injury? Ankle sprains. And they occur in a whopping average of 25,000 people per day and not just in athletes. That’s why you need to get Prevent Sprain Socks! These socks are scientifically designed to prevent and lower the severity of ankle sprains thanks to a four-fold approach. First, the socks have an anatomical fit and are clearly labeled with a “R” and an “L” so that you can wear them correctly. Second, built-in tension straps support the ankle and are built with the biochemical principles of functional bandages/taping and ankle supports. Third, graduated compression levels from 19 to 23 mmHG help to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow to your ankle and foot area. Fourth, gripper squares on the heel and ball of the foot keep your foot from slipping in your shoe to enhance your performance and reaction time. They’re available in crew and knee high lengths and come in a variety of colors.┬áSometimes we need a little extra support, and the Prevent Sprain Socks are key.