Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank

June 1, 2022

Currently available: $48  Visit their site to learn more

No pockets…no problem! As long as you have the Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank! Our activewear tops often don’t have pockets to carry your ID, phone, or keys, making it so that you’ll have to bring along a bag or purse to cart all these necessary items with you. Pursesuitz allows you to wear your “suit” as your “purse” – great idea! This tank is fashioned out of an antimicrobial, recycled fabric that is moisture wicking and machine washable. It has a bit of a compression fit, which allows the two side pockets to snugly hold your valuables in place. The pockets are big enough to comfortably hold a phone or even a thin wallet. Another good thing is that it can be worn as a stand-alone tank or as a base layer under another top. It’s available in 5 colors for all your TrailblazerGirl adventures. The Pursesuitz Level 1 Tank is¬†the¬†Pocketwear tank top must have!