Sweat X Sport

May 1, 2023

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

Get the power to defeat the funk! Our friends at Sweat X Sport know that when you’re active, it sometimes leads to sweaty, stinky clothing and gear. But don’t fret, they have found the solution with their line of Activewear Laundry Detergents, Odor Eliminator Sprays, and Stain Remover Spray. We’re super impressed with their high performance detergent. Our favorite running tights (you know the ones – that go-to pair that you always reach for, despite having a drawer full of options!) had sadly developed a not-so-pleasant scent, even after washing them with our regular detergent. One wash with the Sweat X Sport Activewear Laundry Detergent and they are as good as new! That’s thanks to the special formulation with tiny molecules (NANOVASIVE technology) and active organic ingredients that exfoliates stains and infested sweat known to cause odor in activewear and all household fabrics. Choose from their Original, Max Odor Defense, and Free & Clear (ideal for sensitive skin or allergies). For those items that you can’t throw in the washing machine like helmets, shin guards, shoes, gloves, and gym bags, Sweat X Sport offers two Odor Eliminator Sprays, regular and extreme. Plus, a handy Stain Remover uses that same NANOVASIVE technology to lift those hard to remove stains from the inside out. Amazing! No need to sweat the stink when you have Sweat X Sport!