March 15, 2023

Currently available: $160  Visit their site to learn more

Get ready for all-day comfort! A few years ago, we introduced you to KURU and their ROAM Sneaker, an ultra-comfortable shoe for the courts, walking about town, running the track, and more. Well, our friends at KURU have released a pair of shoes that are geared toward your time on the trails…it’s the KURU ATOM Trail! Just like the ROAM, the ATOM has the same patented technology to give you triple-layer support: first, the KURCLOUD is a lightweight foam for shock-absorbing cushioning; second, the KURUSOLE is the mid-layer support that dynamically flexes to hug and protect your heels; and lastly, the Ultimate Insole, the layer closest to your foot that adapts to your specific foot shape to provide custom arch support. That’s what’s on the inside that makes this a special shoe, and on the outside, you have a multi-directional tread, so you can be sure-footed whether you are trekking up or down the mountain. Plus an abrasion-resistant mesh upper is durable, yet breathable, and protective toe bumpers protect you from those unexpected rocks and roots. Though exceptional for hiking and hitting the trails, we found the ATOM is just as comfortable on less aggressive terrain, like walking the neighborhood, running errands, and strolling around the lake. The KURU ATOM Trail is a quality shoe with a custom fit, affording you all-day comfort on the trails and beyond!