National Parks: The American Experience

January 27, 2022

The story of the national park idea from America’s preeminent environmental historian. The Fifth Edition of National Parks; The American Experience by Alfred Runte was just released. With 352 pages filled with interesting facts and period photographs, this book chronicles the story of how Americans invented and expanded the concept of national parks. Starting in the […]


January 26, 2022

Introducing hand crafted raw silk to the world. KAILU, which translates into open road in Mandarin, is on a mission to “open the road for those who are curious about the world, ready to explore new ideas and discover new experiences, and desirous of meaningful goods that benefit others and themselves”. Their duvet sets and throws […]

Bride Brite Kit

January 19, 2022

Flash your pearly whites on your special day! With the Bride Brite Kit it only take 10 minutes over a course of 10 days to achieve whiter teeth. In the kit are three silver pens (whitening gel formula), one clear pen (desensitizing serum), a dual-light technology wireless mouthpiece with a charger, a shade guide to evaluate […]

Ekster Laptop Sleeve

January 12, 2022

Slim and sleek, and oh-so practical! Our friends at Ekster, yes, that super company with the super innovative wallets, also has a Laptop Sleeve that you must see. Slip your 13 inch laptop or tablet into the padded sleeve with its soft microfiber lining. Then multiple pockets on the front and back allow you to […]

Ekster Bifold Wallet

January 12, 2022

Carry a little…carry a lot. The Ekster Bifold Wallet is ingeniously designed; it looks like a standard bifold wallet, but it has a removable cardholder, so whether you have a bunch of cards or you’re a minimalist in terms of cards and cash, you’re good to go. How smart is that! The main wallet has […]

Editor’s Top Finds of 2021: Most Essential Travel Items

January 10, 2022

For some, traveling cautiously returned in 2021, so our TrailblazerGirl editorial team wanted to highlight their top 3 picks of the most essential travel items that we featured in 2021. First to make the list is the Rains Fleece Pullover, our go-to outerwear piece that will have you covered (tee-hee, pun intended!) no matter what […]

Top Urban Finds of 2021

December 13, 2021

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes and shares for our 2021 features in the Urban category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please…Celliant Performance Sheets, a set of luxury sheets that allows you to use the “Power from […]

Nirvana HMB Water

November 22, 2021

Hydration with an innovative, added bonus! Nirvana HMB Water is the only water on the market that is infused with HMB. HMB, or βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate, is a natural substance in your body that supports muscle wellness. Research and proven clinical trials show that HMB aids in boosting your muscle performance by increasing strength and capacity, […]

Don Pablo Coffee

November 18, 2021

Wake up and smell the coffee! Don Pablo Coffee focusses on quality and small batch artisan roasting to offer an array of choices for the coffee lover using the highest quality Arabica specialty coffee beans from all over the world. This is a family owned company, started in 2004 in Miami, Florida, that is serious […]

Pro Spin Table Tennis Set

October 25, 2021

Tennis anyone? Anywhere. Anytime. Table Tennis that is, with this set from our friends at Pro Spin! This portable set allows you to turn any table into a fun game of table tennis. At the click of a button, the retractable net expands up to 72 inches wide, while the scratch resistant rubber feet secure […]

Xino Sports Inline Skates

October 18, 2021

We all need more fun in our lives. And our friends at Xino Sports have just what we’re looking for with their Inline Skates! Inline skating is making a comeback, and this is a great pair of skates for your kids. These sturdy skates are built with a reinforced aluminum frame, 70mm wheels, breathable mesh […]

RareLumiere Tahiti

October 12, 2021

Escape to a tropical island from the comfort of your own home! With one whiff, the Tahiti candle from the folks at RareLumiere transports you to relaxing sandy beaches and warm waters. This female founded company seeks to recreate sensory sojourns to faraway places and bring them to your home. Candles make fantastic gifts and bring […]

Sun50 Wide Brim Fedora

October 8, 2021

The perfect travel hat! We introduced you to Sun50 earlier, with their fantastic, sun protection Monarch tee, and here’s another winner from them, this time from their sun protection accessory line, the Wide Brim Fedora. This polished hat adds style to any outfit and has a 3 inch wide brim, just wide enough to provide your […]

Let’s Do Organic Organic Sweet Potato Flour and Organic Cassava Flour

October 6, 2021

Gluten intolerant? Then the folks at Edward & Sons Trading Company have some grain free products from their Let’s Do Organic brand. Their Organic Sweet Potato Flour and Organic Cassava Flour allow you to still partake in recipes for baked goods and savory dishes. The Organic Sweet Potato Flour is high in fiber and contains higher […]


October 1, 2021

By far the best vegan parmesan that we’ve tasted! Parma! is a plant-based parmesan cheese flavored condiment that is absolutely delicious. This dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free umami superfood is made with a base of nutritional yeast (a complete protein that is a staple item in many vegan and vegetarian pantries) and organic sunflower seeds, walnuts, Himalayan […]

The Outdoor Adventurer’s Guide to Yoga

September 27, 2021

Harness the power of yoga to optimize your outdoor activities! Just released, The Outdoor Adventurer’s Guide to Yoga is designed to be a source of inspiration, healing, and strength for your TrailblazerGirl adventures, specifically hiking, backpacking, paddling, cycling, climbing, and snow sports. The author, Jana Kilgore, a registered yoga teacher based in Hawaii, starts the […]


August 31, 2021

No power? No problem…with the InPOWEREDLIGHTS Blue Coral Lamp! Add a chic, beach-like vibe to your home decor with the 150 watt power of this LED light. The beautiful, blue glass, pear-shaped light has even more going for it than just it’s looks, as it in the world’s only lamp with Autolight Emergency Technology. The […]

DMoose Resistance Loop Bands

August 17, 2021

Who needs a gym? Especially when you can get a workout with the Resistance Loop Bands from DMoose! Conveniently packaged in a portable mesh bag, the kit contains 5 brightly colored bands which are clearly marked with variable resistance levels. The 12 inch by 2 inch bands start at a resistance level of extra light […]

Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

August 2, 2021

Get some z’s! Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oil from the folks at CaniBrands is formulated to support your natural sleep cycle and promote a better night’s rest. Containing a blend of broad-spectrum hemp extract, melatonin, organic hops, and organic passionflower and skull cap, this mint flavored tincture is designed to improve your sleep quality by […]

Mystery Ranch Super Market

July 14, 2021

Tote or backpack…your choice! We’re big fans of the bags from our friends at Mystery Ranch, and they have yet another bag to add to our list of favorites, the Super Market. This carryall (and we do mean carry ALL!) has a roomy interior with a padded sleeve that fits laptops up to 15”, and […]

PlaneAire Wipes

June 22, 2021

Ready to travel? Then you must be sure to pack PlaneAire Wipes. Earlier this year, we introduced you to the hand sanitizer from our friends at PlaneAire. This month they released a multi-surface cleaning wipe, just in time for summer travel. Each box comes with 12 convenient individual envelopes containing a wipe that is made […]

Pirani Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

June 2, 2021

Reusable refresh! When heading outside, stay hydrated by carrying the Pirani Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler. It holds 16 ounces of liquid and fits into all cup holders. Pirani has taken the classic red Solo Party Cup designand turned it into an eco-friendly, reusable cup. Did you know that every year, 500 billion plastic cups are […]

Lo and Sons Beacon

May 19, 2021

Stylish, practical, and pockets galore! Our friends at Lo and Sons are on a mission to “inspire and empower people to go places, while leaving a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet”, and their Beacon is a perfect example of this. The backpack is just the right size as a carry on with so […]

Day Trips from Seattle

May 4, 2021

A range of options await within a two hour radius of Seattle! In Day Trips from Seattle, Chloe Ernst outlines many outings within driving distance from the Emerald City. All the planning is taken care of for each trip including instructions on how to get there, where to go, where to eat, and where to […]