Nirvana HMB Water

November 22, 2021

Currently available: $23.99 (12 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Hydration with an innovative, added bonus! Nirvana HMB Water is the only water on the market that is infused with HMB. HMB, or βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate, is a natural substance in your body that supports muscle wellness. Research and proven clinical trials show that HMB aids in boosting your muscle performance by increasing strength and capacity, reduces your muscle recovery time, and slows muscle degradation from aging and inactivity. Nirvana takes pure spring water sourced from ice age aquifers in the Adirondack Mountains and combines it with a patented water soluble form of HMB that is tasteless. Each bottle contains 0.6 grams of HMB, so check out the Nirvana website at the link above to use their handy “How Much Boost Calculator” for your daily requirement since it’s based on age, sex, and activity level. Don’t just drink water, optimize your health with Nivana HMB Water!