DMoose Resistance Loop Bands

August 17, 2021

Currently available: $9.99  Visit their site to learn more

Who needs a gym? Especially when you can get a workout with the Resistance Loop Bands from DMoose! Conveniently packaged in a portable mesh bag, the kit contains 5 brightly colored bands which are clearly marked with variable resistance levels. The 12 inch by 2 inch bands start at a resistance level of extra light (green band) for 3-6 pounds of resistance and progressively increase to extra heavy (black band) for 21-25 pounds of resistance. By stretching against force in pushing or pulling exercises, adding load both on the action and on the return, these bands are handy tools for toning, shaping, and strengthening every muscle group. For a compact, full-body workout in a bag, check out the DMoose Resistance Loop Bands!