Bride Brite Kit

January 19, 2022

Currently available: $149.95  Visit their site to learn more

Flash your pearly whites on your special day! With the Bride Brite Kit it only take 10 minutes over a course of 10 days to achieve whiter teeth. In the kit are three silver pens (whitening gel formula), one clear pen (desensitizing serum), a dual-light technology wireless mouthpiece with a charger, a shade guide to evaluate the color of your teeth before and after treatment, and of course, an easy-to-follow instruction manual. Here’s how it works: evenly coat dry teeth with the whitening gel; slip the mouthpiece on and turn the power button on; wear for 10-15 minutes; remove, then rinse with water. Repeat the process for 10 days, and hold up the shade guide to revel in your significantly whiter teeth! Note that the dentist-designed, innovative mouthpiece uses dual blue/red LED light technology to accelerate the whitening process (blue light) while reducing the sensitivity that can happen and improving gum health (red light). The kit will provides at least 65+ uses, and each formulation contains only enamel-safe ingredients. Though it’s called Bride Brite, there no reason that brides should have all the fun; use the Bride Brite Kit anytime you want a whiter, brighter smile!