Ekster Bifold Wallet

January 12, 2022

Currently available: $89  Visit their site to learn more

Carry a little…carry a lot. The Ekster Bifold Wallet is ingeniously designed; it looks like a standard bifold wallet, but it has a removable cardholder, so whether you have a bunch of cards or you’re a minimalist in terms of cards and cash, you’re good to go. How smart is that! The main wallet has 2 quick access card slots, an interior hidden pocket on one side and on the other side another hidden pocket with a flap for holding coins. The modular removable cardholder has 4 quick access card slots and a top-loading pocket for more cards or cash. It can be carried alone or it┬ácan be attached to the main wallet with a satisfying click, thanks to the built-in, hidden magnets. In all, you can hold over 12 cards and more than 12 bills, yet an ultra-slim design means that it’s only 0.4 inches thick. Plus the leather is beautiful, and it’s environmentally certified and mindfully processed with┬áminimal impact on the planet. For an innovatively designed wallet, check out the Ekster Bifold Wallet!