August 31, 2021

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No power? No problem…with the InPOWEREDLIGHTS Blue Coral Lamp! Add a chic, beach-like vibe to your home decor with the 150 watt power of this LED light. The beautiful, blue glass, pear-shaped light has even more going for it than just it’s looks, as it in the world’s only lamp with Autolight Emergency Technology. The patented technology allows the lamp to detect when there’s a power outage. Once no electricity is detected, the LED base will automatically turn on and provide you with emergency backup lighting for 16 to 24 hours. How cool is that! Plus, a built in USB port at the base of the lamp allows you to charge your mobile device, and that’s with or without electricity! This women-owned business also donates 1% of its profits to organizations that support female entrepreneurs and other woman-owned businesses.¬†Don’t be left in the dark, get the¬†InPOWEREDLIGHTS Blue Coral Lamp and light up your life!