January 26, 2022

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

Introducing hand crafted raw silk to the world. KAILU, which translates into open road in Mandarin, is on a mission to “open the road for those who are curious about the world, ready to explore new ideas and discover new experiences, and desirous of meaningful goods that benefit others and themselves”. Their duvet sets and throws contain the highest grade, long-strand, mulberry silk that is hypoallergenic, naturally temperature regulating, and supremely breathable. Extreme care is taken in the silk making process from farmers hand feeding the silkworms to hand selecting the silkworm cocoons, washing each cocoon, and hand stretching the raw silk, resulting in a core that is soft, fluffy and lightweight. With the duvet, choose either a single or dual core, depending on the warmth level you require, and the throw contains a single raw silk core. Each has a machine washable, removable cover for easy care. Treat yourself to the luxury and thermoregulation of raw silk with KAILU!