Comfortably Numb Trail Running Race

May 21, 2019

Currently available: $95  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 15, 2019. Hello, is there anybody in there? No, it’s not a performance of that famous Pink Floyd song (though you could play it as you run!). It’s the Comfortably Numb Trail Running Race, a grueling point to point race along Whistler’s challenging Comfortably Numb trail. Runners undertake this popular mountain bike trail which covers 23+ km with a vertical gain of 800m+ in Beautiful British Columbia and includes a steady climb totaling around 2,500 feet, a few descents, multiple river crossings, and sweeping vistas. Definitely a challenge that may leave you comfortable (or uncomfortably!) numb, it’s the Comfortably Numb Trail Running Race!