May 20, 2019

Currently available: $25.49  Visit their site to learn more

Small is good sometimes! Especially when it comes to a phone charger, and Chargerito has everyone beat! Known as the World’s Smallest Phone Charger, this little guy can fit in the palm of your hand and isĀ available for Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C compatible products. It plugs directly into a wall socket and has its own charging connector, base and a small stabilizing arm. No cords are necessary and there’s no need to remove the case from your phone. Yippee! Plus everything folds up flush in a compact little package that is super lightweight. Since it’s so small, they have smartly included a clip to attach the Chargerito to your keychain, backpack, or belt loop for quick access on the go. No cords, no batteries, no problems with Chargerito!