Creede Donkey Dash

June 9, 2023

Currently available: $60  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 10, 2023. A fun and unique 10 mile race with a furry, four-legged friend! Not your typical four-legged friend, but with a burro at the Creede Donkey Dash!  Creede is a historic silver mining town nestled in the heart of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. The sport of pack burro racing harkens back to the 1800s when miners would take burros carrying supplies to prospect for gold, silver, and other precious metals in the Colorado mountains. Legend has it that two miners, finding gold at the same location simultaneously, raced each other to the claims office. Because the burros were too small or loaded to carry their owners, the miners were forced to run, leading the burros. You can relive this experience with your own donkey or you can rent one for the day at the Visitor Center. The route takes you through Creede’s Historic Mining District, past several mines, through canyons, and an overall elevation gain of about 1,700 feet. A fun and novel race awaits at the Creede Donkey Dash!