ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Race

July 7, 2017

Currently available: SEK 12 900  Visit their site to learn more

Coming September 4, 2017. Swim, run…then repeat for a total of 52 transitions! It’s the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Race held in the Stockholm archipelago. This race started the Swimrun movement, a multiple-stage competition in which racers run and swim over a cross-country race course that involves many transitions between the swim and run stages of the race. ÖTILLÖ (Swedish for island to island) is the original swimrun race: teams of 2 swim between 26 islands and run over them for a total distance of 75 kilometres of which 10 km are open-water swimming and 65 km are trail-running. Noted to be one of the toughest endurance races in the world, it’s truly a unique team sport.