Hidden Garden Cookies

July 6, 2017

Currently available: CAD$6.50  Visit their site to learn more

Cookies and veggies?! Don’t cringe, they taste good! Actually, you don’t really even taste the veggies in the cookies from our friends at Hidden Garden. These little bite sized sneakies are gluten free with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colors. Available in four flavors, each contains a hidden vegetable: Chocolate Chip with Pumpkin (our favorite!), Gingersnap with Butternut Squash, Cocoa Cherry with Spinach, and Red Velvet with Beets. The cookies have a tasty crunch to them and have a 1/4 cup of the designated vegetable with the exception of the Cocoa Cherry Cookies which have 1/2 cup of spinach baked inside them. They are a yummy, almost-guilt-free treat on the trails with 110-150 calories per serving (3 cookies). Now you have no excuses not to eat your veggies!