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Gritty Goddess

August 26, 2016

Currently available: $75+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming October 8, 2016. Calling all Goddesses! It’s the Gritty Goddess Event in Galveston, Texas and it’s only for goddesses – no gods allowed (except to cheer on the goddesses)! This is a fun, 5K obstacle course built just for us TrailblazerGirls. Expect mud, sand, foam, water, and more mud. Obstacles include: Eat Grit (crawl through a 36 foot long mud pit), Palm Beach Plunge (slide down a 18 foot waterslide), and Foam Sweet Foam (run through foam just before the finish line, what a relief!). The emphasis is on fun, in a non-competitive way, so if any of the obstacles are too much, feel free to skip them. You’ll be rewarded at the finish line with ice cream sundaes, complimentary Shock Top Belgian White beer, and a beach party.