Trekking The National Parks Game

January 20, 2022

Vicariously travel to our National Parks from the comfort of your home! Designed by an artist and game developer with a lifetime love of travel and the National Parks, Trekking The National Parks Game is a best-selling game and winner of a Mensa Award and a Parent’s Choice Award. The goal is to move around […]

Pro Spin Table Tennis Set

October 25, 2021

Tennis anyone? Anywhere. Anytime. Table Tennis that is, with this set from our friends at Pro Spin! This portable set allows you to turn any table into a fun game of table tennis. At the click of a button, the retractable net expands up to 72 inches wide, while the scratch resistant rubber feet secure […]


May 5, 2021

Created over 70 years ago, this best selling game is still popular! With more than 55 million units sold, Rummikub is described as a cross between rummy and mahjong. This face-paced game involves players taking turns placing numbered tiles in runs (consecutive numbers of the same color) or groups (three or more of the same number in […]


March 20, 2020

Like a go-kart for the snow-covered slopes! The Bobsla is an electric vehicle that looks a little like a tank, snowmobile, and hovercraft hybrid. It can reach speeds of up to 18.6 mph, and there’s no steering, just spinning, drifting and sliding with the use of a brake and the accelerator. Bobsla runs on a […]

Top Snow Gear of 2019

December 10, 2019

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2019 reviews in the Snow category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the handmade Jack and Mary Designs Mittens that are designed out of 4 different recycled sweaters  – what […]


September 6, 2019

For a gnarly ride that folds, check out Linky! Yes, Linky is a longboard that can fold in half for easy portability and transport in the included backpack with an added bonus that it’s electric powered. It can reach top speeds of 30 km/h (18.6 mph) with a range of 18 km (12 miles), and the single, […]

My Soxy Feet

July 3, 2019

No more boring socks! Our friends at My Soxy Feet will put a smile on your face every time you look at your feet with their mismatched, performance socks. Not only are they fun and colorful, but they are designed with the athlete in mind. When we slipped our feet in these socks, we were […]

Enchanted Lodging

May 31, 2019

Just like stepping into a fairy tale! The unique Enchanted Lodging, located in Whitepine Valley approximately 8 miles southeast of Trout Creek, the huckleberry capital of Montana, is a delightful hobbit shire inspired by the J.R.R. Tolkien novels complete with The Ring. The private guest cottage has two bedrooms, a designer kitchen, a full bath, dining […]

Segway Drift W1

April 19, 2019

You’ve seen Segways – whether it’s those Segway tours around town or your local mall cop zipping around on one making sure everything’s safe. Now, Segway has a new way to get around and have fun. It’s the Drift W1, self-balancing e-skates that are a little like a cross between a hoverboard and a pair […]

Vac and Dash April Fools Day 5K Classic

March 29, 2019

Coming April 1, 2019. A 5K race that has you running through a basement in someone’s house…sound like an April Fools Day prank? Close. It’s the Vac and Dash April Fools Day 5K Classic, otherwise referred to as the 4,828,036 Millimeter Classic (yep, that’s 3.1 miles). Runners start at the Stanly County Family YMCA in Albemarle, North […]

Zapata Flyride

June 8, 2018

Soaring through the air or across the water…you can do it all with the Zapata Flyride! It looks a little like a jet ski/snowmobile with water jets on either side. Operating similarly to a regular jet ski, it has additional controls that allow you to move up and down and internal sensors and electronics that maintain […]

Perth’s World Record Kilt Run

June 7, 2018

Coming June 23, 2018. Do you hear the bagpipes?! It’s almost time for Perth’s World Record Kilt Run! Yes, this Canadian city in Ontario holds the official Guinness World Record for world’s largest kilt run. Started in 2010, there were 2,400 runners last year, and we’ll see whether 2018 beats that number at this popular race. […]

The Great Inflatable Race

June 6, 2018

Various dates and locations throughout 2018. Get your bounce on! Sign up for The Great Inflatable Race, or TGIR (pronounced: tigger, like the bouncy tiger in Winnie the Pooh!) at a location near you. This is a fun, untimed obstacle race with a collection of 8-10 gigantic, inflatable obstacles over the course of 1.5 to 3.1 […]

Star Wars Death Star Camping Tent

May 25, 2018

May the force (of this tent) be with you! Here’s a unique tent for you Star Wars-loving TrailblazerGirls to take on your next camping trip… the Star Wars Death Star Camping Tent from the folks at The Monster Company! This replica of the notorious space station can comfortably sleep up to 3 Stormtroopers (oops, we mean […]

Razor Turbo Jetts

April 24, 2018

Why should kids have all the fun?! With Razor Turbo Jetts, you can wheel around with an electric powered motor. Strap Turbo Jetts to your regular sneakers, push your heel down which engages the motor, and get ready to take off at speeds of up to 10 mph! The rechargeable battery will allow for up […]

2018 Twinkie Run

April 5, 2018

Coming April 22, 2018. Look out…it’s a giant Twinkie running down the road! The irreverently fun 2018 Twinkie Run in Ann Arbor, Michigan was rescheduled from its usual April Fool’s Day to the fourth Sunday in April this year. There will be Twinkie stops along the 5K, loop course, plenty of people dressed as Twinkies […]

ShamRock ‘n’ Ride Burger Tri

March 13, 2018

Coming March 17, 2018. A completely different kind of triathlon! It’s burgers, bikes, and beer with the ShamRock ‘n’ Ride Burger Tri! The setting is Macon, Georgia, and your challenge starts with coffee shots. Then hop on your bike, and it’s off to the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. Your next challenge is a juicy burger followed by what […]


February 2, 2018

A sled to ride through all seasons! Axiski is a flexible sled that can be used on snow, frost, slush, and even sand. It is designed out of a pliable plastic with foot grips to give you traction while standing, curved outer edges like a snowboard for ease of turning, and 8 inverted “runners” that […]

Jolly Jester Jaunt 5K

January 31, 2018

Coming February 3, 2018. Start celebrating Mardi Gras early with the Jolly Jester Jaunt 5K! Head to Galveston in the Lone Star State to get a jump on Mardi Gras festivities with this fun 5K race that takes you through four loops of the historic downtown district. It’s open to runners and walkers, and to top […]

Wolf‘em Stick

January 12, 2018

Campfire fun! The next time you head out on a camping trip, bring along Wolf‘em Stick. This is a clever roasting stick with a knob at the end for cooking biscuits over an open flame. It can be extended up to 32 inches and has a hardwood rotary handle to continuously turn your food for even […]

World Famous Hearse Ghost Tours

October 20, 2017

A bit of a macabre celebration for Halloween! The World Famous Hearse Ghost Tours will take you around Savannah, Georgia in…you guessed it…real hearses that were actually used to transport bodies to funeral parlors. Yikes! Your guide will share stories of ghosts and spooks as you drive around the historic and victorian districts including cemeteries of this […]

Green Acres Corn Maze

October 13, 2017

Through October 31, 2017. Happy birthday, Curious George! In celebration of this lovable, mischievous monkey, Green Acres Farms has designed a ten acre corn maze dedicated to the 75th anniversary of this little character. Located just outside of Casper, Wyoming, this farm has lots to offer besides the corn maze with a petting farm, pumpkin cart […]

WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls

October 12, 2017

Soar through the skies…all within view of Niagara Falls! Wow! WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls is a 2,200-foot ride taking you from the top to nearly the bottom of the Niagara Gorge from the Canadian side of the Falls. Travel at speeds of more than 40 mph on one of the 4 ziplines as the mist from […]

Emma Crawford Coffin Race & Parade

October 11, 2017

Coming October 28, 2017. Coffins, ghosts, and a race?! Yes, it’s the Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Parade in Manitou Springs, Colorado! Drawing on the legend of Emma Crawford, a young woman who tragically died just before she was to be married and whose ghost haunts Red Mountain where she was buried, this wacky race celebrates her with […]