June 16, 2016

Currently available: $49+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 25, 2016. Known as The Funner Mud Run, the BIGDOGBRAG is a mud obstacle race in which everyone can participate. Held in Pueblo, Colorado, there’s a 5K course that has more obstacles than any other course its size, and a 2K course that’s family-friendly. Expect obstacles with fun names like the Spunky Monkey (monkey bars over a giant mud puddle) or Fetch (dragging giant tires across the mud) or Poodle Puddle (wading through a giant mud puddle). You get the theme…mud, mud, and more mud! It’s all in good fun with lots of encouragement to work together and finish, not win. As they say, “Get off the porch and come run with the BIG DOGS!”