Creaky Knees Guides

June 16, 2016

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We’ve just discovered some great, newly-released guides that we think will be just right for you TrailblazerGirls who want to explore the Pacific Northwest. Published by Sasquatch Books, the Creaky Knees Guides for Washington (2nd Edition), Oregon (2nd Edition), and the Pacific Northwest National Parks and Monuments are a comprehensive collection of hikes that are easy on your knees, hence the clever name, Creaky Knees. With an amusing voice (think of your favorite, funny uncle), Seabury Blair Jr. shares his top easy hikes with a bias toward those that are above the timberline. The guides have a similar format with content divided by region and a handy “Hikes at a Glance” summary at the beginning that provides you with a quick look at all the hikes from those described as a “Stroll in the Park” to those that are “Knee-Punishing”. With practical information like hiking time, elevation gain, effort, best season to visit, topographical maps, and whether permits are required, you’ll soon find that these will be your go-to guides for enjoyable jaunts in the great outdoors. If you would like more of a challenge, each hike has recommendations for extending that hike to give you more of a workout. The few hikes we’ve tried so far have showcased the natural beauty of the area, and we can’t wait to explore more – we highly recommend these guides!