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September 26, 2014

Currently available: TBD  Visit their site to learn more

Ever dreamed of participating in the Amazing Race but didn’t want to deal with all the drama? Well, now you can with Competitours! This is an adventure with 12 pairs of teams (you and your best TrailblazerGirl-friend?) in which you will be competing in fun and quirky challenges over a period of 10 days. Expect 4-5 destinations across Western Europe and challenges like the Gelato Joust, Roman Gladiator for a Day, and Dinner in the Dark. Challenges are designed to expose you to the diverse cultures, history, and geography of Europe and are more like a series of contests rather than a race, thus encouraging camaraderie with your fellow travelers. There’s even cold, hard cash to be won by the top 3 teams! A fantastic way to explore Europe in a unique and exciting way. As they say, “Competitours transforms sightseeing into sightDOING.”