September 26, 2014

Ever dreamed of participating in the Amazing Race but didn’t want to deal with all the drama? Well, now you can with Competitours! This is an adventure with 12 pairs of teams (you and your best TrailblazerGirl-friend?) in which you will be competing in fun and quirky challenges over a period of 10 days. Expect […]

Top Getaways of 2013

December 13, 2013

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2013 reviews in the Getaway category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the interestingly different, Treehotel, Sweden, a one-of-a-kind experience with unique “treerooms”. Rounding out […]

MuckFest MS

November 19, 2013

Various dates and locations in 2014. Get dirty for a good cause with MuckFest MS. Have fun on a 5K course while knowing that 100% of your fundraising dollars benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The course will consist of 20+ obstacles designed to get you super mucky – like Oh Crap! with its slanted […]

Red Rock Adventure Challenge

November 12, 2013

Coming November 17, 2013. Grab your smartest, compass-savvy TrailblazerGirl-friends and sign up for the Red Rock Adventure Challenge! Teams of 1 to 5 people search for up to 26 checkpoints within Red Rock Canyon State Park. This park is 25 miles northeast of Mojave, California and has amazing rock formations and scenic desert cliffs. Using […]

Adult Space Academy

October 31, 2013

Ever dream of being an astronaut? Well, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, in Huntsville Alabama is offering weekend programs for adults to train like an astronaut! There is a 1/6th gravity chair that simulate walking on the moon and a multi-axis trainer that gives you the experience of navigating a tumble-spin. You’ll try your hand […]

MEGA ZIPS, Louisville, Kentucky

October 30, 2013

Zip lining in a cave? Yes, MEGA ZIPS in Louisville, Kentucky is the only underground zipline and adventure tour in the world! This is a man-made cavern that was a former limestone mine converted to an underground adventure park with 6 zip lines (including a dual racing zip!) and 2 challenge bridges. The up to […]

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

October 17, 2013

Did the Irish giant, Finn McCool, build this bridge at one time linking Ireland to Scotland? So goes a popular legend associated with the Giant’s Causeway. In any case, it’s a spectacular natural wonder of the world, and the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Northern Ireland. It’s composed of over 40,000 basalt columns that […]

The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island

October 11, 2013

Coming October 1, to November 3, 2013. Okay, adventurous TrailblazerGirls…this is something a little different from our usual finds (but still totally fun!). The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island is an interactive theatre adventure roaming the streets of Vancouver. Small groups of up to 15 people attempt to solve clues and with the use of […]

Great Urban Race

October 11, 2013

TrailblazerGirl loves these urban amazing-race-like events. This one is called the Great Urban Race and is held in various location throughout the US with an end-of-the-year championship race in Puerto Rico. Create a team of 2-4 of your smartest TrailblazerGirl-friends and solve 12 clues before 5pm. Make sure to bring your smart phone to help […]

Urban Dare

September 17, 2013

An Amazing Race-like adventure! Grab a friend, get you thinking cap and running shoes on, and sign up for Urban Dare. Offered on various dates in major cities throughout the US, this is a fun race that involves mental and physical challenges like climbing a wall, solving a riddle, or taking a picture of a […]

5K Foam Fest

August 14, 2013

Various dates throughout 2013. The first obstacle mud race to include foam. The 5K Foam Fest is a fun race that includes 15-30 obstacles with foam, mud and water being a part of the course. Here’s a sample of some of the obstacles – Aqua Lily Pad, Mind Boggling Mud, Death Drop, and Bouncy Ball […]

Pivothead Wearable Imaging

July 12, 2013

Stand back Mr. Bond… wearable video cameras are here for the rest of us now… the Pivothead Wearable Imaging glasses record an hour of HD video and also take snapshots along the way. Hey, you can even take bursts (a bunch a photos at once) and time lapse photos, and it’s all plug-and-play with your […]

Oyster the Race

July 12, 2013

Coming to Denver (in August 2013) and San Francisco (in September 2013). But wait, not that kind of oyster. Oyster, The Race, started in Denver (think Rocky Mountain Oysters) and is “the ultimate urban hybrid adventure,” with teams of 3-6 on a mystery course around the city. The course ranges from 10 to 30 miles […]

EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

June 28, 2013

Deviate from the usual tourist activities the next time you’re in Toronto. Try the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower. Walk the circumference of the roof of the restaurant at 1,168ft above the ground! You’re provided with a special Walk suit, then secured with a harness. A guide points out the various landmarks of the city […]

A Dip in the Ocean: Rowing Solo Across the Indian by Sarah Outen

February 27, 2013

Inspiring. Sarah Outen is the first woman and the youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean. She rowed for 124 days, 14 hours and 9 minutes before arriving on the island of Mauritius. She was the first woman to attempt the crossing single-handedly, and only the fourth person to ever complete a solo […]

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt 2013

February 8, 2013

Coming February 23, 2013. One of our favorite things to do in the city, the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt blends brains with speed in an amazing race through San Francisco during the Chinese New Year celebrations. You’ll have to zig and zag through the crowds and the wildly colorful parade to get to locations […]

Geocaching App by Groundspeak Inc.

January 18, 2013

Get treasure hunting… with the Geocaching App by Groundspeak Inc. With detailed information on nearly 2 million hidden geocache containers across the globe, you’ll join the world of outdoor adventurers discovering hidden containers just around the corner and in more than 180 countries. Use the in-app descriptions and hints to start your location-based GPS-powered adventure […]

Urban Adventure Quest

August 30, 2012

Okay Amazing Race fans, here’s your chance to relive that same excitement in a city near you. The Urban Adventure Quest folks have devised a fun scavenger hunt through the streets of cities all over the country (we tried San Francisco). The questions and clues are fed to you through your smartphone, and don’t worry, […]