SUAVS Women’s The Zilker Gum

March 28, 2019

Currently available: $95  Visit their site to learn more

Go sockless! As the weather warms, our feet are itching to get out of thick socks and boots and ready for some sockless freedom. Enter the Zilker Gum from the folks at SUAVS, breathable, knit shoes that are washable! Yep, pop out the microfiber terry-covered insoles, toss them along with the shoes in one of those mesh bags you use for intimates, and run them through the machine. Let air dry and boom, clean and fresh-smelling shoes! The flexible sole is a lightweight rubber that is non-slip which makes for a great travel shoe since you’ll be sure-footed and can pack them flat or even rolled up. They only come in whole sizes, so if you’re between sizes, you’ll probably be fine sizing down because the shoes are knit and have some give to them. Hit the pavement with a super comfy shoe that fits like a pair of socks – it’s The Zilker Gum!