DaVinci Pickford

November 18, 2019

Currently available: $235  Visit their site to learn more

Though not related to that famous Renaissance man, the shoes from DaVinci Footwear are just as innovative and talented! The Pickford is an extremely well-crafted boot that adheres to the barefoot or minimalist movement, allowing your foot to function naturally and with flexibility while sustaining proper alignment. Designed in Los Angeles and carefully manufactured in a small family-owned factory in Mexico, the leather is sustainably sourced and hand-finished, and the soles are flexible, durable, and non-slip. We walked miles in these comfy and stylish shoes, especially appreciating the versatility of the shoe – they can be dressed up or down and look great with a variety of outfits! Plus this company is serious about their environmental commitment, creating shoes that are meant to last a long time and selecting materials, sourcing, and manufacturing processes that are consistent with their eco-friendly philosophy. For a street-friendly, well-made, “barefoot” shoe, check out the DaVinci Pickford!