July 29, 2019

Currently available: $160  Visit their site to learn more

Heavy duty protection for your feet! The Finnish company, VJ, has designed a shoe fit for the extreme trails, hence their aptly named XTRM. The outsole is made of a material that is often used in the inner linings of automobile tires so you know that it will withstand the rocks, roots, and tough technical terrain that comes with trail running. A unit that they call a Rock Plate is built into the length of the outsole and acts as a protective shield and stabilizer. Plus 6 mm cleats give you a solid grip on slippery slopes. Add to that a Kevlar (yes, as in the stuff used in body armor!) and polyester blend for the upper, and you have a shoe that is going to protect your feet as well as carry you through multiple seasons. Other well-thought-out features include cushioning in the toe and heel areas, a rubber toe-cap, and a FitLock lacing system that keeps laces tight. Hit the trails with confidence with the XTRM from our friends at VJ!