Earth Runners Alpha Lifestyle Sandals

May 16, 2019

Currently available: $84  Visit their site to learn more

Springtime means sandal time, and we have a unique sandal for you! Introducing the Alpha Lifestyle Sandals from our friends at Earth Runners. This minimalist sandal looks very basic and unfussy (in a good way), but there’s a lot going on in its simple design. The soles have flexibility and grip to take you over uneven surfaces with ease, and the zero drop soles (i.e., your heel is at the same height as the ball of your foot) emulate barefoot-style running as well as offer a wide toe area that allows your toes to splay out naturally. The parallel stitching on the laces looks stylish but along with the copper plug that attaches the laces to the base of the sandals actually serves a special purpose called grounding or earthing. This concept is a new one to us that in theory helps you to reconnect with the earth, resulting in a host of benefits including feeling more balanced and energized, which in turn leads to optimal athletic performance and quicker recovery time. Sounds good to us! The sandals are comfortable right out of the box, even on a long hike and surprisingly stay put despite their strappiness. They offer 5 colors in the nylon conductive laces. As the weather heats up, free your feet with Earth Runners Alpha Lifestyle Sandals!