Xpand Laces

April 19, 2019

Currently available: $9.99  Visit their site to learn more

Make your life easier with Xpand Laces! This elastic lacing system allows you get a snug, custom fit that is free of hot spots and pressure points. During your most active TrailblazerGirl activities, Xpand Laces will keep you shoes in place and make it so easy to get your shoes on and off. Here’s how it works: thread the zero-memory elastic rubber flat laces like you would normally lace your shoes; secure the ends with the patented anchor clips. Then after you have walked around to ensure you have the correct tension, trim the excess, cauterize the ends, and either tuck them inside your shoe or attach the end clip to keep them on the outside of your shoe. Xpand Laces are 52 inches long, and they have plenty of stretch to them (over twice that length!), so they’ll fit all types of shoes, even your hightops and high-cut hiking boots. They are available in 42 colors, including 8 reflective ones and a glow in the dark one. As they say, “shoelaces redesigned”, and we say thank you to Xpand Laces for turning all our shoes into fast and easy, no-tie shoes!